How is Blockchain transforming Supply Chain?

  1. Supply chains are critical for securely and seamlessly managing the health of business flow.
  2. And the introduction on Blockchain is because the current system of supply chains is outdated and requires a significant reboot.
  • Decentralization
  • Immutable
  • Transparency
  1. Making a record of the assets transferred as they move between supply chain nodes.
  2. It tracks the purchase orders, receipts, shipment needful, and all other supply chain documents.
  3. Verifying or assisting third-party verification for certifications of properties of the products.
  4. Tagging each product to numbers or bar codes, digital tags to identify seamlessly.
  5. Securely share information on the manufacturing process, product assembly, delivery process, and the maintenance of products.
  6. The complete process is very transparent because documenting a product’s journey across the supply chain increases trust.
  7. The process has better scalability than before.
  8. Enhanced security required by internal systems and processes.



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