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4 min readAug 6, 2020


  • SERVICESA Fitness Training Application
  • DOMAINApplication Development
  • INDUSTRYFitness/Entertainment/ Healthcare
  • LOCATIONHo Chi Minh, Vietnam

What we did?

  • Host videos and have a CMS for the same
  • Enable for Live video sessions
  • Optimize loading time

The demand was to build a video-based platform, where the application runs on both mobile and web and can host full-length workout sessions online for a fast and effective workout. An application that supports communities dedicated to providing core strength-training workout programs for niche viewers who love to workout. Since the application had to host many videos, the need for optimal browser load-time was very important. We designed and built an application that works across operating systems like iOS, Mac, Android, Windows; over devices like the laptop, mobile, and tab. The purpose of the application was to provide fitness trainers across the USA an opportunity to share their knowledge in the form of pre-recorded video and ‘Live’ sessions over a dedicated fitness platform online.

Project Overview

The objective was to enable and encourage niche viewers to inculcate core-fitness sessions in their day to day routine. In a way that they could work out at the convenience of their own space and time. The project idea was to give the viewers and the fitness trainers a platform to join in on a subscription model. Along with providing various workout video clips of different workouts with different trainers, the app included features like “LIVE” fitness sessions with experts so that the users can workout and collaborate with their trainers on a real time basis.

The Challenge

So, we would say the biggest challenge was to make sure that the website load time is optimal. Since the app was expected to run videos and live video sessions simultaneously or as per need, buffering needed to be real-time. What we had to build was a great video service platform for fitness enthusiasts, while recognizing the real-life pain points while conducting online sessions, delivering customer delight. The challenge was to be able to ensure that videos that run on each user-node point are customized to their preferences and face no video load glitches while accessing the application.

Our Approach

An application, crafted for fitness enthusiasts that run across all the major operating platforms. Since video loading time was one of the biggest challenges, we had to fix that for good. For this, integrated Ooyala which enabled seamless video streaming, without spiking the site loading time. This was done to ensure that there is zero to minimal interruption in the video playing and the loading time was quick. We connected and powered-up the entire content supply chain and provided an initial pre-production video editing through a multi-platform distribution system. Since this was a data-heavy site, we resolved the load time by streaming directly from the server, so that the application is not over-burdened while loading. Thanks to Ooyala integration we also provided analytics through CMS.

The Solution

The end result was an application where workout videos are made available in different time durations so that the subscribers can access a short 2min video when in hurry, or can opt for a full length 20 to 30min work out session even take up a real-time workout with other collaborators and the trainers. The app built to influence the audience to find core-strength training tactics right from the experts across the nation. The application was designed to make targeted workout sessions, fun dance moves, small workout tips, plus tricks, and lastly, live workout sessions available in the form of videos that viewers can access anytime.



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