Digital product key trends in 2021 to drive your business growth

Build the future with artificial intelligence

  • The response provided by a system does not contain much information. The system does not clearly / accurately process your request or what will happen with that information.
  • It is a robot. The feedback the system provides does not convey emotion. When a user interacts with such a system, it feels like entering a request for a computer. The only difference from the traditional Graphic user interface (Graphic user interface) is that you use other means of inputting requests (voice vs. keyboard input).

VUI helps build user’s confidence

Visualizing feedback for users

Clarity of state changes

Process of Doing (POD)

  • When the user sends a request to the system, the system will immediately simplify the process and display this information to the user.
  • POD is not a loading animation; It not only shows what the system is doing while the user waits, but it also provides valuable information about what the system is doing.

Interface conveys personality

Increase the power of small details



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